- Licensing Relationships

We’ve bundled up everything you need to produce smart fabric at scale. Smart fabric and textiles have an incredible array of possible uses. For instance, we have been able to embed fabrics with conductive ink (The Crated invented), essentially replacing “wires” as a type of “thread” resulting in fabric that heats. The INTELiTEX process delivers the benefits of conductive wires, without the bulkiness, stiffness or manufacturing difficulty that makes weaving actual wires impractical.  

In terms of the manufacturing process, there is no need to solder components together during assembly. These fabrics can be sewn, for instance LED’s lights can be applied, resulting in a product that is both flexible, washable and feels magical.

We can help you solve challenges for consumer and industrial applications by licensing our INTELiTEX technology and making garments that have utility in three distinct areas:

  1. Comfort: thermal regulation of apparel or textiles using responsive heating or cooling techniques.

  2. Safety: developing textiles and garments that insert technologies such as LED’s or other components to create safer environments, such as for construction workers or bikers. (Opposed to reflective materials.)

  3. Performance: in industrial settings, maximizing body alignment and correcting posture leading to increased performance or injury prevention and ultimately greater well-being.

For R&D teams, we can assist and speed implementation by licensing the rules to fabrication for our processes/INTELiTEX technology.  On a more limited scale, we also work with retailers by taking their designed garments and provide complete circuit designs thereby delivering the tools needed to complete manufacturing. We


We produce:

Fabric circuits printed onto muslin using our proprietary ink

Stretchy Fabric Circuits on lycra

Fabric circuits on taffeta using a specialized chemical process

Easy to attach components that fix the "hard-soft barrier"


License our functionalities

- Provide comfort to your customer through heat

- Provide safety to your customer through Illumination

-Provide health to your customer Vibrate/ provide haptic feedback


We build smart garment prototypes to aid with customer testing or marketing campaigns.