Madison maxey


Madison Maxey works in the smart apparel and wearables industry. Her work and contributions to the wearable technology space have been featured in Wired, FastCompany and New York Magazine, and she has provided e-textiles insights to the likes of the White House and Google. In her teens, she interned at Tommy Hilfiger and Nylon Magazine and is a Teen Vogue and CF+DA scholarship recipient. She is a Forbes 30 under 30 Member and on the NYCBLK 28 under 28 list. She has held creative tech residences/fellowships  at Autodesk, The School of Visual Arts and Undercurrent (acquired by Quirky) and is on the board of the Urban Assembly Maker Academy, a school focused on fabrications and design thinking. 

Additional work categories include 3D printing, digital fabrications and computational design.